1. A day ahead, prepare the crafted portions of the animals. Roll out fondant and attach Designer Prints™ decorations with a light application of water or shortening.

2. Use floral and oval cutters to fashion the lion’s mane, the bear’s ruffled collar and the elephant’s ears. Let pieces dry.

3. The following day, mix batches of red, light and dark blues, golden yellow and orange icings using gel colors.

4. Use a #807 large round tip to ice each cupcake.

5. Arrange dried fondant pieces atop each cupcake.

6. Use a #807 large round tip to pipe animal heads over fondant pieces, and then use #5 tips to finish facial details using coordinating colors of icing, as shown.

7. Add Dec-Ons® decorations to some of the animals as a whimsical touch!

To order everything you need to decorate these cupcakes, please click here.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz, Lucks