Use bold carnival tones to create a memorable gender-neutral shower cake!

1. Ice the cake in light pea green icing, made by mixing two parts Lucks Green Liquid Airbrush Color with one part Egg Shade Airbrush Color in a white icing base. Use this same icing in a #789 Cake Icer tip to pipe the top and bottom borders, serrated side down.

2. Print a generic elephant profile from the internet, or draw your own; it should be no larger than 8” in length and 5” in height. Cut out the paper profile to use as a cutting template for fondant.

3. Roll out white fondant and attach with water enough of the wavy pattern from the Carnival Variety Designer Prints™ Sheets decorations set to accommodate the shape of the elephant. Take care to avoid puddles when attaching Designer Prints™ to fondant.

4. Use the paper template to cut the shape of the elephant from the covered fondant with a ribbon insertion tool with the pointed blade. Set aside.

5. Attach a small amount of the orange starburst pattern from the Carnival Variety Sheets to fondant, and cut an ear form as shown. Set aside.

6. Roll out white fondant and cut two “banner” strips, one approximately 11” long by 1.5” wide, the other approximately 9” by 3.5”. Both banners should have v-cut ends, and the second (wider) should slightly taper to 2” on either end.

7. Gently gather the first (thinner) banner ribbon, and carefully lay it on the upper top of the cake, as shown.

8. Repeat using the second (wider) ribbon, gathering and arranging it toward the bottom of the cake.

9. Between these two white ribbons, carefully lay the patterned elephant, leaving enough room to place the button wheels on his feet. Attach the ear with a light application of water, or with icing.

10. Use two medium-sized green buttons from Baby Button Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations for the wheels of the elephant. Use a small green button for the eye, attaching each decoration with a small dab of icing.

11. Mix a light orange icing using a few drops of Lucks Orange Liquid Airbrush Color, and pipe the inscription on the banner ribbons using a #3 plain round tube.

12. Use fudge icing and a #3 tip to pipe the elephant’s tail and pull-string, as well as a stitched/beaded border around the center of the sides of the cake.

13. Finish by attaching a few large and medium green buttons on the front of the cake for that extra touch.

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Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz, Lucks