1. Ice the cake in white buttercream.

2. Roll white fondant 1/8” thick. Cut a 32 1/2“   long, 5/8” wide strip. Attach the strip to the cake as shown with 1/3 extending beyond the top edge of the cake. Cut a second strip changing the width to 1/2” wide and place it around the bottom of the cake as shown.

3. Place your cake on a well oiled turn-table that does not wobble when airbrushing the line on the side of the cake. Use Brown Liquid Airbrush Color to spray a continuous line. Tip: Hold your spray gun in one hand, move it up and down slowly a few times while you briskly spin the turn-table with the other hand. Be sure to center your cake before you start to spray. Make sure you are able to get a clean, fine line with your airbrush before starting to spray. Be sure to leave about 50% of the white showing through. Finish the monofilament look by spraying a soft coat of Green Liquid Airbrush over the side of the whole cake.

4. Airbrush the bottom border, top border and the top of the cake as shown, leaving the area white where the image will be placed. Use Brown, Orange, Yellow, and Copper Shimmer Liquid Airbrush Colors to achieve the antique wood look. Let the spray dry a minute in between coats so that moisture spots do not form.

5. Trim the white edge off of Big Catch Edible Image® and place it in the middle of the cake as shown.

6. Take 6 of the largest size brown dots from the Fondant DecoShapes™ Upscale Assorted Dots and place them evenly spaced around the top of the cake as shown. Place 6 smaller sized brown dots in between the larger dots. Then using the small end of a #12 tip and a couple of brown dots, punch out 11 dots and place them evenly spaced on the cake, leaving one space for the handle of the reel.

7. Using Dark/Chocolate Fondant, make a coil 1/2” wide by 1” long and place it on the end, as shown on the cake. Punch a black dot out of a Black DecoShapes™ dot with the small end of a 2A decorating tube and place it on top of the reel handle with a touch of water.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks