1. Mix two shades of green fondant and one shade of icing.

2. Roll out some lighter green fondant, and attach a full Designer Prints™ strip using a light application of water. Trim the edges of the fondant and allow this dressed fondant strip to dry.

3. Ice and enrobe the cake with lighter green fondant.

4. Cut darker green pieces of rolled fondant to use as décor for the top and sides of the cake, as shown.

5. Create a sand trap for the top of the cake, as shown, and fill with crushed graham crackers.

6. Create fondant trees by rolling cones and then snipping leaves using a fine pair of food-grade scissors.

7. Ice cupcakes, roll edges in crushed graham crackers and pipe grass on each.

8. When the fondant strip is dry, prop it up on the cake using rose skewers. TIP: The rose skewers can be built into the fondant and dried along with it, or they can be attached with royal icing or melted chocolate after the fondant strip has dried.

9. Finish the cake and cupcakes with Dec-Ons® decorations.

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Decorating idea by Celebrity Cake Studio