1. Base ice 8” double round White.  Airbrush Golden Yellow.

2. Base ice 6” double round White.  Lightly airbrush Royal Blue.

3. Insert four dowel rods into 8” cake.  Insert through both cake layers and cut flush to cake.

4. Stack cakes as shown.

5. Using tip #48, pipe Sky Blue, Olive Green, and Sunset Orange stripes on side of cake as shown.

6. Using tip #10, pipe Sky Blue borders.

7. Using tip #12, pipe Golden Yellow flowers.

8. Using tip #12, pipe Sunset Orange flower centers.

9. Using tip #352, pipe Olive Green.

10. Using tip #3, pipe Olive Green inscription upon customer’s request.

11. Using tip #3, pipe Golden Yellow and Sunset Orange flower on top.

12. Place DecoSet® items onto cake as shown.

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Decorating idea by DecoPac