1. Mix purple icing using DecoPac Neon Brite Purple Premium Gel (Item #45296).

2. Mix pink icing using DecoPac Deep Pink Premium Gel (Item #45281).

3. Mix light blue icing Blue Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10158).
4. Mix Orange icing using DecoPac Neon Brite Orange Premium Gel (Item #45294).

5. Ice a 6" single layer cake.

6. Make a 5" cake ball. The cake ball can be cut out of a layer cake, formed from a cake pop recipe, or made with crispy rice treats. 

7. Mount the ball on top of the 6" cake and stabilize it with dowels or straws.

8. Pipe light blue icing onto the ball the shape of the mouth area as shown and smooth with a piece of cake collar.

9. Trim the white area off of a Birthday Plaque Minis Edible Image® design (Item #43142) and apply to the center of the light blue mouth area.

10. Pipe the monsters gums, with the orange icing and a # 8 tip (Item #11031), in an oval shape around the light blue area. Be sure to leave enough room for the protruding teeth. 

11. Pipe teeth with white icing and a #5 tip (Item #11027), making them larger as you move toward the center of the mouth.

12. Pipe arms and hands with the purple icing using a #8 plain round tube.

13. Use purple icing and tip #234 (Item #11070) to pipe fur all over the monsters head and arms. Pipe the fur in directions that it might really be growing for a lifelike look. With the same bag, add purple bubbles where the eyes will go. Place one Large Eyes Royal Icing Decorations (Item #45848) in front of each icing bubble.

14. Pipe a beaded border with the pink icing and a #8 tip.

15. Finish your new furry friend by giving him a fist full of candles.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks