1. At least two days ahead, make the flowers, leaves, and border elements. First, mix batches of White Vanilla Fondant in quantities to accommodate all needs: deep honeysuckle (3:1 ratio of DecoPac Premium Gel in Fuchsia, Item and Deep Pink), turquoise green (1:1:1 gels ratio in Forest Green, Leaf Green, and Sky Blue), and celadon green (scant amount of Forest Green).

2. Roll out honeysuckle fondant and use a daisy cutter set to cut flowers and half as many teardrops as petal count (there are six petals per flower). Cut honeysuckle teardrops in half lengthwise. Allow pieces to dry.

3. Thinly roll out white fondant and adhere the floral sheet from Serendipity Variety Designer Prints™ Sheets with a light application of water. Use cutters one size down from the sizes of your honeysuckle flowers. Allow to dry.

4. Roll out turquoise green fondant and use the Plain Tear Drop Cutter Set to cut leaves. Then, in the same sizes of the leaves you have cut, cut half as many again. Cut this second batch of teardrops in half. Allow all pieces to dry.

5. Roll out celadon green fondant and use a small teardrop cutter (not included in the Cutter Set) to create leaf border elements. Repeat the process outlined in Step 4 (one size only). Allow all pieces to dry.

6. The next day, attach flowers dressed with Designer Prints™ to the appropriate honeysuckle flower  using water, gum glue or icing. Then, use gum glue to attach teardrop halves perpendicularly to all border elements, leaves and flowers. Allow all pieces to dry.

7. The following day, ice, assemble and enrobe the cake tiers in celadon green fondant.

8. If desired, cover the cake drum in fondant and apply Designer Prints™ decorations using a light application of water. TIP: Once the board is covered in fondant, dress with pattern only the areas that will be visible, in order to conserve the sheets.

9. Cut the scalloped pattern from the set of Designer Prints™ Sheets in half lengthwise, and attach pieces to the top tier using a light application of water or alcohol.

10. Use an extruder or roll by hand simple fondant rope bands in turquoise and honesuckle to frame the Designer Prints™ decorations, as shown.

11. Attach border leaves to cake using water, clear alcohol or gum glue.

12. Attach flowers and leaves to cake using icing tinted to match the fondant, or melted chocolate.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks