1. At least one day ahead, make the flowers. First, roll out some white fondant and brush with clear, potable alcohol, water or shortening. Apply Designer Prints™ to the rolled fondant.

2. Cut the dressed fondant to conform with the shape of the applied Designer Prints™ pieces. Gently fold the tip of each diamond over, and allow to dry over ¼” dowel rods to create dimension.

3. Use your favorite flower cutters to cut a variety of floral shapes and sizes, as shown. Allow all pieces to dry in a flower former or egg carton.

4. Later, complete flower construction by layering different floral shapes and patterns, adhering each layer with royal icing or melted white chocolate.

5. Mix batches of pastel icings in green, pink and blue, as well as a small portion of lime green icing, using gel colors. TIP: Use a very scant amount of Red Red gel color to achieve a pale rose pink.

6. Ice the cake in pastel green, and use a #8 round tip to pipe a bottom beaded border.

7. Use lime green icing in a #5 round tip to pipe stylized leaves and tendrils on the front edge of the cake, as shown.

8. Ice cupcakes in a variety of pastel colors using #827 tips.

9. Use lime green icing in a #352 leaf tip to pipe leaves atop each iced cupcake.

10. Finish by arranging fondant flowers on the cake as well as the cupcakes, using dabs of icing to attach if needed.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks