1. Melt truffle chocolate or commercial truffle mix and dip the tops of each cupcake to cover.

2. Mix a batch of 50/50 chocolate/white icing.

3. Use plain chocolate icing in a #807 round tip to pipe a large mound on each cupcake.

4. On 2/3 of your cupcakes, use the 50/50 icing in an open coupler to pipe two eye “spots” on the chipmunk and squirrel faces.

 TIP: If using crusting icing, this may be tapped down flush with the chocolate icing, as shown.

5. For the chipmunk, use rough spatula work to fluff the fur, and then use chocolate icing in a #5 tip to pipe two ears. Set aside.

6. For the squirrel, use chocolate icing in a #5 tip to pipe two ears. Set aside.

7. For the bear, use chocolate icing in a #16 star tip to pipe fur to cover the head, as well as two ears. Press two white chocolate chips into the face where they eyes are to be located.

8. Use dark fudge icing in a #5 tip to pipe eyes on all creatures, as well as facial stripes along the cheeks and forehead of the squirrels.

9. If desired, use white non-pareils placed in the eyes for a little glimmer!

10. Finish with Dec-Ons® decorations attached with a dab of icing.

Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks