1. Bake your favorite chocolate chip cookie formula and allow to cool thoroughly. Alternately, use commercially-prepared cookie cakes.

2. Apply a circle of white icing approximately the same size as the Edible Image®, piped with the open end of a coupler.

3. Apply one Edible Image® to the white icing while the icing is still tacky.

4. Mix batches of gray, black and yellow icings.

5. Attach one single and two sets of Dec-Ons® eyes evenly around the edges, as shown, with dabs of icing.

6. Use yellow icing in a #5 tip to pipe eyelids around the Dec-Ons® eyes.

7. Use gray icing in a #10 tip to pipe goggles around all eyes.

8. Use black icing in a #10 tip to pipe goggle straps, attached to either side of the gray goggle frames.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks