Offering baking classes is a great way to add income to your store while promoting your products and branding. While many bakeries offer these classes for young children, there is plenty of opportunity to expand that market. Offering more advanced classes for adults can be a great way to incite customer loyalty and interaction.

Opposed to just offering a number of spots to be filled for any given class, encourage customers to make the class a social event. For instance, Butter Lane Cupcakes in New York, NY offers a “Bring Your Own Party” class. For $500, customers are offered the chance to organize a two hour party for up to 15 people. In turn, the bakery will design the classes to accommodate the gathering.

The Butter Lane Cupcakes also teaches the classes using the bakery’s recipes. While you may be hesitant to share your bakery’s secret ingredients, this is a great way to introduce your customers to your signature items and designs.

Offering adult classes like this makes it more of a social event and can reduce empty spots in the class. Considering people are sometimes more comfortable surrounded by their peers, group classes may help individuals feel more at ease taking the course.