While late spring and early summer are typically considered "wedding season," many brides incorporate the Christmas and holiday season into their wedding themes.

It doesn't always work - just ask Lynne Jury-Doro, owner of Let Them Eat Cakes in Ontario, Canada. "I have found over recent years that brides like to incorporate the season into their wedding, but the weather has become somewhat unreliable," she says on Baking Buyer's Facebook Fan Page. " One bride had a frost wedding in December and found herself in blazing sunshine (and having... to get 'snow' from the local skating rink), another had a fall wedding in September and found the leaves were still green and then we had the sunshine wedding in August when it rained!"

On the other hand, some brides are able to pull off the holiday theme no matter what the weather - and a big thanks goes to the cake. Just look at this one from Jury-Doro and Let Them Eat Cakes.