On the surface, an ornament-themed cupcake might be an obvious choice for the Christmas season, but there are several, final decorating touches that can contribute a great deal of character, depth and detail to the finished product.

Either place frosting or a half ball of cake on the top of the cupcake. Next, cut out a circle shape of thinly rolled fondant. Lightly cap the top of the cupcake making a rounded, ornament shape.

Next, cut out creative patterns from the fondant to place on the ornament cupcake, as opposed to using a buttercream. This will give the finished product a cleaner more modern look.

Adding some shine using lustre dust really adds a creative, yet simple style to this delicious product.

In addition, pre-made ornament hangers are a realistic feature of the cupcakes. These can be made fairly easily by cutting out a small piece of fondant.

While the simplest ideas may seem obvious or overplayed during many holidays, really exploring the details is one of the most important aspects of talented cake decorating.