Tortillas:  they come in all sizes, styles and flavors – even coconut, spinach and green chile varieties – and they continue to grow in the U.S. marketplace today.  Fueled by expanding demographics, dietary diversification, sheer economics and functional portability, tortillas have come a long way since the category surpassed white sandwich bread in annual sales nearly a decade ago.

AB Mauri North America – a leading provider of bakery ingredients and iconic Fleischmann’s Yeast – has continued to evolve its Supremo tortilla system at the same time.  Originally designed as a module-type solution providing leavening, mold inhibition and other finished qualities, Supremo now boats a lineup that answers customer demand and features an all-in-one batch pack along with a range of five functional components including:

  • Supremo Leaven – produces tender, layered & fluffy flour tortillas with great eating quality
  • Supremo Masa Relax – delivers tortilla doughs with great extensibility and machinability in a clean label solution
  • Supremo Non-Stick – delivers exceptional anti-sticking and less tortilla zippering in an emulsifier-free, clean label solution
  • Supremo Preserve Platinum –  provides extended mold-free shelf life with balanced pH
  • Supremo Soft – offers a cost-effective, enzyme-enhanced clean label ESL and conditioning system

The five new Supremo functional components feature varying usage levels and a nine-month shelf life, providing bakers with flexibility to tailor recipes delivering the exact product characteristics their consumers are looking for. 

Supremo All-In-One, a total batch pack solution for delivering optimally-balanced flour tortillas, includes multiple benefits including leavening, softening, anti-sticking/zippering, preservation and relaxation, among others.  Additionally, it offers an easy-to-use approach for producing tortillas – just add flour, water and shortening.  Supremo All-In-One delivers up to a 60-day shelf life depending on the formulation and process.

Bakers who are looking to capitalize on one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry and differentiate from existing tortilla products can contact AB Mauri North America by phone at 1.800.720.3971 or by e-mail at