Beverly Hills is home to to all things glamorous and indulgent...right down to the cookies.

If you're looking for a way to give your bake shop that "boutique bakery" atmosphere, the Beverly Hills Baking Company offers products that will give you just that. The company creates hand-crafted cookies made with all-natural ingredients and "a touch of glamour and piles of passion."

From the Tower of Desire to the BHBC Platinum Cookie Box, the Beverly Hills Baking Company compares these indulgences to those of a trip to the jewelry store or a visit to an upscale hair salon. The packages these cookies come in are as beautiful as the treats are indulgent. So your customers get two products - a gift as well as a treat.

Beverly Hills Baking Company's product line includes:

Tower of Desire
Chocolate Dream Set
Platinum Cookie Box
Jewel Box
Select Gift Box
Cookie Clutch

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