LaMar's Donuts has created what is sure to be a fan favorite—the Peppermint Iced Devil's Food Cake Donut, available for a limited time beginning Nov. 23.

Ushered in on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), the holiday donut's special flavor combines chocolate devil's food cake covered in smooth peppermint icing with festive red sugar sprinkled on top.

It's decadent, delicious, and fun – and it's available to lovers of fine donuts at any LaMar's Donuts location nationwide until Jan. 2, 2013.

"We are offering the Peppermint Iced Devil's Food Cake Donut throughout the holidays because the smooth peppermint and rich chocolate tastes pair perfectly with the season," says Kayde Pierce, spokesperson for LaMar's.

This seasonal donut is something of a throwback to the devil's food donuts founder Ray LaMar began making in 1933.

As in the old days, all LaMar's donuts—including their newest Peppermint Iced Devil's Food Cake special—are still made entirely by hand every day. Never using mass-production techniques, LaMar's employees personally create each donut, from hand-kneading the dough to applying the icing.

That's the LaMar's difference, and it's a difference you can taste in the Peppermint Iced Devil's Food Cake Donut, available from Nov. 23, 2012 to Jan. 2, 2013.