If you are like most bakers, you have spent hours and hours perfecting your baking skills, and even more hours making sure your final products look just right. So why stop there? Take some time to carefully select the packaging into which you want to tuck those meticulously-made pastries. Packaging can not only help you further promote your bakery’s brand image, but if you choose items that are environmentally friendly, it can also help you tug at your “let’s go green” customers’ heart strings. Here is a glimpse into the way one bakery packages its products, as well as information about a company that can provide you with the packaging of your choice.

From one baker to another
At Emily’s Edibles in Great Neck, NY, they don’t look very far for their packaging. The boxes they put their treats in are custom made by a company in upstate New York, and they conveniently have nutrition information printed on the bottom. Their waxed tissue paper is also made in upstate New York, their plastic trays in Massachusetts and their satin stretch ribbons in Maryland. Their printing is done in New York, as well.

The Emily’s Edibles packaging is designed to be reusable and therefore, environmentally friendly. Since the pastries are in plastic trays which are then wrapped in waxed tissue paper, the box never soils. The label is simply a card that appears through the clear window of the box’s lid so it is easily removable (and easy to save for future ordering!). And of course, the satin stretch ribbon can also be used again.

A company that can help
Nashville Wraps Gift & Gourmet Packaging has your packaging needs covered. It offers:

• Themed Collections
• Paper Merchandise and Gift Bags
• Shopping Bags
• Plastic Bags
• Gift Boxes
• Gourmet Packaging
• Baskets
• Tissue and Packing Supplies
• Gift Wrap
• Ribbon
• Cello Bags and Rolls
• Shreds and Fillers
• Custom Labels and Packaging
• …and more!

Whether you choose to use Nashville Wraps or have another company in mind, don’t let your packaging become an afterthought. Your pastries deserve to shine, even when they are hidden in a box.