Brent Robertson, a wheat farmer in Perkins, Lincoln and Chase counties in Nebraska, has been named the 2012-13 chair of the Wheat Foods Council (WFC). Robertson is a member of the Nebraska Wheat Board and for the past year has served as vice-chairman of the W.F.C.

“Brent has shown great dedication in assisting the Wheat Foods Council in its mission to educate the public about the nutrition and healthfulness of wheat foods,” says Judi Adams, president of the WFC. “As a producer, he will be a valuable leader over the next year as we focus more heavily on raising the awareness of supermarket dietitians about where wheat comes from and how to incorporate more grains into Americans’ daily diets.” 

Robertson and his wife, Amy, raise irrigated and dry land wheat and corn.

Erica Olson of the North Dakota Wheat Commission has been elected vice-chairman. Olson started working with the NDWC in 2006, joining the staff as marketing specialist. She grew up on a family farm near Mohall, ND.

Cindy Falk of the Kansas Wheat Commission has been named secretary/treasurer. Falk is a nutrition educator for Kansas Wheat. She began in 1985 as a volunteer “Speak for Wheat” spokesperson and part-time nutritionist. She is responsible for domestic marketing and nutrition education where she develops the annual Kansas Wheat Commission recipe booklet, providing educational programs, and supervising more than two dozen “Speak for Wheat” volunteer spokespersons. She is currently chair of the National Festival of Breads.

Falk has been a member of the WFC executive board of directors since 1993 and was chairperson in 2002-03.

Dave Green, director of quality control and laboratory services at ADM Milling Co., becomes immediate past chair. For the past 24 years, he has overseen corporate quality programs for ADM Milling facilities in the US. His responsibilities include crop surveys, wheat blends, customer correspondence and specifications. He directs the mill laboratory managers and corporate laboratory in Overland Park, KS.

Before joining ADM he was a crop scout flour miller and mill lab technician with International Multifoods.
He is a member of the American Association of Cereal Chemists, the American Society of Baking and the Wheat Quality Council.

Mary Ellen Wagner of the South Dakota Wheat Commission has been named liaison to the Grain Foods Foundation Marketing Committee. Wagner is a longtime member of the SDWC and the WFC board of directors. She has held all the executive board positions and chaired numerous committees.