The US Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Credit Corporation on Friday set 2012-13 (fiscal 2013) domestic sugar overall marketing allotment (OAQ) at 9.7 million short tons, raw value, equal to 85% of estimated human sugar consumption as forecast in the August World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.

The OAQ consisted of 5.3 million tons, or 54.35%, assigned to beet sugar and 4.4 million tons, or 45.65%, assigned to cane sugar, as required by statute. The Puerto Rican allotment of 6,356 tons was assigned to Hawaii and then reassigned to mainland cane producing states because Hawaii was not expected to use all of its allotment, the CCC says.

The 2012-13 OAQ level compares with 9,456,250 tons as the initial OAQ for the 2011-12 marketing year.

The CCC also said the Feedstock Flexibility Program, designed to use excess domestic supply, would not be implemented in 2012-13 based on forecast sugar supplies and prices significantly above the support level, because forfeitures under the sugar loan program were “unlikely at this time.”

The USDA said it closely would monitor sugar stocks, consumption, imports and all sugar market and program variables on an ongoing basis and make any adjustments as needed later in the 2012-13 marketing year to ensure an adequate supply of sugar for the domestic market, avoid forfeitures and prevent or correct market disruptions.