The Almanac of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables offers cutting-edge information which supplies produce industry executives with the insight to make informative business decisions and stay one step ahead of the competition. Compact and easy-to-use, the Almanac of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables is an invaluable resource which covers five years of market trends, and provides the knowledge to forecast key factors such as pricing and production for the commodities that directly impact business.

The Food Institute has compiled the research into a comprehensive 506-page book, complete with detailed charts and graphs, suitable for use in presentations. Dozens of sources have been utilized to provide time-savings to those who need this information at their fingertips. Also included in this research guide is a Glossary of Specialized Terms and Metric System Equivalents.

Offering a global perspective, the Almanac of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables examines dozens of categories of fresh produce, and discusses world production and imports/exports. From berries and melons to artichokes and lettuce, this newly-released guide has you covered!Gather statistical information which may impact your business. Some highlights found within this reference guide include:

US fresh apple imports in 2011 fell to a five-year low, totaling 310.6 million-lbs., with over 60% being sourced from Chile.

Bearing acreage for oranges in the U.S. was 628,800 acres in 2010/2011, a 2.2% decrease from 2009/2010.
US exports of mushrooms increased 3.46% to 22.1 million-lbs., with Canada taking 87.9% of the share.
Per capita consumption of sweet potatoes increased 21.1% to 6.3-lbs., the highest level in fifteen years.