Infusionsoft today announced it has added a new set of social media features to its all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses. Infusionsoft's 8,000 small business customers now have an easy way to share content socially, capture leads through social media channels, track the effectiveness of social activities, and automatically trigger actions based on social behavior.

Infusionsoft also introduced new sales CRM features and completed a major overhaul to its e-commerce platform. Small businesses use Infusionsoft because it is the only sales and marketing software that combines CRM, marketing and e-commerce into one web-based solution. Infusionsoft helps small businesses integrate, systemize and scale their marketing so they attract, capture and convert more customers.

"The features we build are not about industry hype," says Infusionsoft VP of Product and Strategy Richard Tripp. "Our team spent hundreds of hours engaging with small businesses so we were crystal clear on the benefits they want from social media. Our new social media features allow small businesses to extend their marketing reach to their social network, and their networks' network. Infusionsoft takes it a step further giving small businesses a system to centralize and take action on the leads that bubble-up from social media activity."

See what else Tripp, Infusionsoft Vice President of Development and Technology Marc Chesley, and other members of the Product team have to say about the Winter 2012 release in this video.

Get Better Visibility in to What's Happening in Your Social Networks With New Tools
Infusionsoft has gone social by making it easy for customers to broadcast content to their social networks on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, customers can include sharing buttons in their emails and Web forms and trigger automated actions after a social snippet button is clicked. Users now have better visibility in to who is sharing and what type of content is being shared. Having this data helps them segment and target their sales and marketing efforts to their lists of prospects and customers much more effectively. Key features allow users to:

Broadcast hosted emails and Web forms through Facebook and Twitter. Users can create simple landing pages using the Drag & Drop Web Form Builder, publish them on Facebook and Twitter, and capture leads through social media without having to create full landing pages and custom URLs.

Include a social snippet in their emails and Web forms that allow subscribers to "like" and/or "share" the content with their contacts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The shared pages include a hosted Web form, giving customers a way to capture leads though social media.

Trigger automated follow-up actions after a social snippet button is clicked. Users can track who is sharing content socially and what content is most popular. They can then follow up with the customers that share with targeted information.

Measure and report on social media sharing activity. Infusionsoft provides a variety of reports to track opt-ins generated through social media as well as the number of times an email is shared and viewed.

Read what Infusionsoft customers are saying on Twitter about the new Social Media features. Go here to watch a demo of the new social media features.

Simplify Sales Activities, Find Hot Leads and Close Deals Quicker With New Sales CRM Features
Infusionsoft's Interactive List View and Inline Editing features make it easy to view and update contact information and quickly work through a list of leads. Users can trigger automated follow-up actions with a single click, such as sending an email and starting a campaign, adding a note and scheduling an appointment.

The Infusionsoft E-Commerce platform has received significant attention to make it more functional and easier to use. The improvements simplify the set-up process for users saving them time. This results in a smoother buying experience for their customers and eliminates any barriers that might prevent them from checking out.