With its Valpak Deals product now live in 43 cities with plans to expand to 50 by year end, Valpak, synonymous with savings for 43 years, believes it has solved the puzzle of how small businesses can safely navigate the pitfalls of the daily deals space.

Valpak Deals offers a twist on the typical "deal of the day" model. Valpak Deal savings can last more than one day -- even taking a break and coming back. That flexibility gives merchants the ability to structure their deal to match their business needs -- driving business, when and how it makes sense for them, rather than create a one-day rush that can be overwhelming to a small business.

Valpak Deals is an answer to some of the large deal sites, many of which make news by creating havoc for both advertisers and consumers including inventory problems, poor customer service and profitability issues.

"We've created an effective, merchant-friendly product that solves those problems," said Michael Vivio, president of Cox Target Media, Inc. and Valpak. "With Valpak Deals, we do things differently. We promote the offer in hyper-local print in addition to digital channels, and then we spread the offer out over time to deliver volume response in smaller, manageable intervals. Merchants don't want or need business through a fire hose, they need quality customers but at a rate their business can handle."

Marketing budgets are tight. Among small businesses with 5-9 employees, 55% spend less than $7,000 annually on marketing and on average, small businesses spend $17,000 a year on marketing.* They need solutions that deliver a reliable return on their marketing investment. And a merchant-friendly Deals product can help extend that budget and build their business.

Valpak Deals can stand alone or be added to a larger integrated multi-media marketing strategy that includes the trusted Valpak Blue Envelope, Valpak.com, SMS Text, and more. It connects the power of print and digital and it leverages 40+ years of success structuring effective offers that both appeal to consumers and build local businesses.

Plus, unlike some daily deal seekers who come in from across town for a one-time deal, Valpak's local consumers are more likely to spend more during a transaction. In addition, Valpak reaches consumers with above average income with a higher propensity to spend that discretionary income.

Valpak Deals are found on www.Valpak.com, alongside tens of thousands of Valpak coupon offers. The combination of Valpak Deals and free local coupons promoted in the familiar Blue Envelope and Valpak.com, enables hyper-local targeting not possible in other e-commerce Deals offerings.

"We have to give the big daily deal sites credit though -- they figured out how to create a marketing budget in businesses that may not have had it. That's fantastic," said Vivio. "But it's our ability to bring a multi-media mix of tools that makes it work for merchants. Consumers know and trust us. We have feet on the street with our 170 local offices. And with our well-known envelope and website, we don't need a constant supply of new e-mails. We are sustainable -- and profitable. We're probably the only people that have the scope to support this."