World's Finest Chocolate today added another superlative to its description – largest. The company broke the Guinness World Record for largest chocolate bar, weighing in at more than 12,000 pounds and measuring almost 3 feet high and 21 feet long.

World's Finest Chocolate, a leader in providing chocolate fundraising products, announced today that it will feature the record-breaking bar in a nationwide tour of schools called "Think Big. Eat Smart."

"We purposely made this bar to be an example of 'portion distortion,'" said Eddie Opler, chief executive officer of World's Finest Chocolate. "We're committed to educating families about eating right and staying active and doing it in a fun and engaging way."

Nelda Mercer, a registered dietitian and former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, said using the larger-than-life chocolate bar to discuss portion control is a great way to capture the kids' attention. "When you're trying to teach children about things like moderation and how to have a healthy relationship with food, having something that really makes them sit up and take notice helps make the message memorable."

"The tour of the chocolate bar also will include an educational video of "kids talking to kids" and original music to communicate the importance of active lifestyles and healthy eating," said Opler. The messages make exercise and portion control synonymous with "the good life" and stress that chocolate and other treats should be eaten only in moderation. To learn more about the tour, visit

An official of Guinness World Records verified the record after the bar was hoisted on a warehouse beam and weighed on a scale provided by Abacus Scales. The previous record was held by an Armenian company for a bar that weighed 9,722 pounds.

To make the world's largest chocolate bar, World's Finest Chocolate used:

1,200 pounds of almonds

5,500 pounds of sugar

2,000 pounds of milk powder

1,700 pounds of cocoa butter

1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor