The inspiration that cake designers and sugar artists draw from can be highly personal, not to mention subjective. Cake design is art after all, and just like beauty, it's often in the eye of the beholder. And the same goes for fashion. It's highly personal and can also be considered a highly subjective form of art. We all have our favorite designs and designers, and this was the case for one Philadelphia cake decorator.

Diana Anello, head sugar artist at Bredenbeck's Bakery, has had her eye on Italian designer Roberto Capucci for for quite some time. But what she didn't realize is exactly why she had her eye on him. After working the outrageous shifts that come wth the May and June wedding season, Diana decided to decompress and get her mind off of cakes while visiting the Capucci exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum. But what happened was that she found a whole new source of cake inspiration, and came back to work with a sketch book of ideas for Capucci-inspired cakes.

Take a look at the cakes that were born out of her R&R at the museum.