No bunny will hop past any child's house with food allergies this year because Indie Candy is currently releasing their All Natural and Big 8 Allergen Free Easter Candy line.

Focusing on Seasonal candy, Indie Candy produces sweet treats that are All Natural. All of Indie Candy's products are free of artificial flavors, preservatives and dyes, but are still packed with flavor and fun. Indie Candy's products do not contain any: Gluten/Wheat, Casein/Dairy, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Soy, Eggs, Fish, or Shellfish. Indie Candy's products are also manufactured in a facility that is dedicated to being Big 8 Allergen Free thus leaving no risk of cross contamination. Indie Candy is dedicated to making sure no child is left empty-handed during the Holidays, especially Easter.

Parents that have children with food allergies or special dietary needs will be able to fill Easter Baskets this year with Gummies, Hard Candy Lollipops, Chocolate Lollipops and of course Solid Chocolate Bunnies. Indie Candy's 2011 Easter Line includes:

Easter Bunnies
• Gummies (Key Lime, Watermelon and Pineapple)
• Chocolate Funny Bunny Face Lollipop
• Chocolate Peter Rabbit Full Body Bunny Lollipop
• Solid Chocolate Free-standing Bunny in a Gold Box

Easter Eggs
• Gummies (Key Lime, Watermelon and Pineapple)
• Hard Candy Lollipops (Mango, Key Lime and Watermelon)

Spring Flowers
• Hard Candy Lollipops (Pineapple, Key Lime and Watermelon)

• Hard Candy Lollipop (Orange)

Indie Candy's products can be purchased online at You can also find our wholesale products in Whole Foods locations throughout the southeast.

Indie Candy produces seasonal, all natural and allergen free sweets in Birmingham, AL. With the rapid rate of allergies increasing, Indie Candy has found a way to cater to families across the US creating candies and sweets free of all the Big 8 Allergens. All of Indie Candy's products are GFCFSF and Feingold approved. For more information please contact Beth Norris at or by phone 334.221.1106. Images are available on the website at