Westco Richblend Cake Donut Mix  1/50 LB

Westco Cube Cut Apple Filling  1/38 LB

Westco Caramel Apple Dipping Icing  1/25 LB

Sprinkleina White Twinkle Pearls  1/8 LB

Bakesense Palm Fry Shortening  1/50 LB


Scale and Mix

Scale and mix the donut mix according to the instructions on the bag for a small batch. Use your scale to weight all the ingredients, including the water. Use your thermometer to determine the proper water temperature to achieve a dough temperature of 72°F. Let the batter rest for 15 minutes.


Fry at 375°F for 55-60 seconds per side in BakeSense Palm Fry Shortening. Drain the donuts for 60 seconds. Let the donuts completely cool down.


After the donuts have cooled, dip their tops in Westco Caramel Dipping Icing heated to 105-110°F. Drizzle the donuts with Westco Vanilla Dipping Icing. Top with Westco Cube Cut Apple Filling and garnish with Sprinkelina Twinkle Pearls.

Approx. Yield: 52 – 2 oz. donuts


Formulation courtesy of BakeMark