The summer heat is reaching its peak, just in time for the kids to head back to school. Can you hear parents rejoicing? 

As you wait patiently for the mercury to slide back down the thermometer, it's time to transition from one season to the next. The holiday season is looming on the horizon; in the meantime, use these days of note for decorating and merchandising inspiration. 

11 Ramadan
21 Senior Citizens' Day 
22 Be an Angel Day
27 Banana Lovers' Day
31 Eat Outside Day 

4 National Macadamia Nut Day 
5 Cheese Pizza Day 
6 Labor Day 
9 Rosh Hashanah 
11 Patriot Day
12 Grandparents' Day
13 National Peanut Day
14 National Creme-filled Donut Day
18 Yom Kippur
26 National Pancake Day
29 National Coffee Day

1 Homemade Cookies Day 
5 World Teachers' Day
11 Columbus Day 
14 National Dessert Day