Pan Fino Mix 1/50 lb
Guayaba Mix 1/50 lb
Granulated Sugar 1/50 lb

Prepare Batter and Dough

Prepare the Pan Fino dough and Guayaba batter by following the directions on each bag of Trigal Dorado Pan Fino Mix and Trigal Dorado Guayaba Mix. The Pan Fino dough can be prepared a day in advance.

Roll Out Top

To form the top, use a pie or rolling pin to roll the Pan Fino dough to a 4 inch oval, then score and cut with a blade or scraper.

Scoop and Cover

Using a spoon or ice cream scoop, deposit the Guayaba batter onto a lined sheet pan. Open the cut hole in the Pan Fino, and gently place it over the deposited batter.

Bake and Coat

Bake at 360?F until light golden in color (approximately 12-15 minutes). Sprinkle them with crystal sugar before baking or coat them with BakeSense Granulated Sugar while they are still warm.

Recipe courtesy of BakeMark

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