Pan Fino Mix 1/50 lb

All Purpose Shortening 1/50 lb

Granulated Sugar 1/50 lb

Powdered Sugar 10 x 1/50 lb


Mix, Rest and Scale

Make up dough following the directions provided on each bag of Trigal Dorado Pan Fino Mix. After mixing the dough, rest it for 15 minutes, keeping the dough temperature at 80ºF. Scale into 2 ½ oz. pieces, and round. Rest for 15 minutes. These dough balls may also be refrigerated for up to 24 hours.


Roll them into 9 ”-10” ovals. Next, you will need to apply the pasta. To make pasta, using a paddle, mix 4 lbs. of BakeSense Granulated Sugar, 4 lbs. of Westco Powdered Sugar 10X and 8 lbs. of BakeSense All Purpose Shortening for 1 minute in low speed. Scrape the bowl down well, and mix for 3 minutes in high speed. Next, add 5 lbs. of pastry flour and 5 lbs. of bread flour, and again, scrape the bowl well. Mix for 1 minute in low speed. Color as desired. Once the pasta is made, place a small amount of pasta in the center, dust with a little flour, and roll the pasta flat. Curl the edges gently to form triangles.

Round and Roll Out / Apply Pasta

Turn them over (pasta side down), then roll them from the flat side towards the point, exposing the pasta to the outside of the roll. Bring the tails together to form a “ U” shape.

Form and Bake

Place them on a lined baking sheet, proof them for 20-30 minutes. Bake (345ºF in a rack oven for 15-20 minutes; 360ºF in a reel oven for 20 minutes) until light golden in color; then roll them gently in BakeSense Granulated Sugar.

Recipe courtesy of BakeMark

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