What You’ll Need

R&H® Chocolate RichCreme® Cake Base

Velvetop™ Chocolate Pre-Whipped Non-Dairy Icing

Dawn® Rich ‘N Glossy Cake Icing

Select™ Caramel Glossy Icing 

Toasted Pecans




Mix R&H® Chocolate RichCreme® Cake Base and prepare mini bundts according to bag instructions.  Bake and cool.

Line chocolate mini bundts across bench and slice each bundt in half horizontally.

Pipe a ring of Caramel Glossy over bottom layer of bundt.

Pipe a ring of Chocolate Velvetop™ Icing over layer of Caramel Glossy and cap with top of bundt.

Warm Rich ‘N Glossy to approximately 110° and pipe over top of bundt.  Allow chocolate to partially run down the side.

Heat Caramel Glossy to approximately 110° and drizzle over Rich ‘N Glossy.

While icing is wet, garnish with toasted pecans*.

*Instructions to toast pecans

Spread 5 lbs. pecan pieces out on full sheet pan. 

Slice 1 lb. butter and lay on top of pecans. 

Sprinkle salt over pecans and toast in oven set at 360°. 

Every 5 minutes, stir salted pecans and butter until toasted. 

Allow to cool.