Almond Sweet Dough

Measure Unit Ingredient
0.150 kg Butter (80% butter fat)
1 pod Vanilla bean, split, scraped into the butter
0.100 kg Powdered sugar
0.250 kg Pastry flour
0.003 kg Salt
0.030 kg Almond flour
0.050 kg Egg yolk



Cream the butter and the scraped vanilla bean together.

Sift the dry ingredients together.

Mix in the butter to incorporate, and then the egg yolks.

Wrap tightly in plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight.

When ready to use, roll or use a sheeter to roll out the dough to approximately 3.5-4mm, cut to desired size, and blind bake.


Passion Fruit Mousse

Measure Unit Ingredient
0.390 kg Fresh, whole eggs
0.295 kg Sugar
0.195 kg Passion fruit puree
0.295 kg Sugar
0.290 kg Butter, room temperature & whipped
1.150 kg 36% heavy cream



Combine the puree and sugar together, and bring to a boil.

At the same time, cream the eggs and remaining sugar together.

When the puree comes to a boil, temper the egg mixture with it.

After tempering the mixture, add it back into the pot on medium heat and cook until it coats the spatula. Be sure to stir constantly and keep the bottom scraped to prevent scorching.

Strain the above and cool.

When cool to slightly above room temperature, whisk the butter into the puree mix.

Use a spatula to fold in the heavy cream, then pipe into desired flexi molds and freeze.

Note: the flexi molds should be slightly smaller in diameter than the tart shells.


Passion Fruit Glaze

Measure Unit Ingredient
0.270 kg Apricot glaze
0.025 kg Glucose
0.180 kg Passion fruit puree


Combine all of the above in a pot, bring to a boil, then strain and reserve for use.


Chocolate Filling for Tart Shells

Measure Unit Ingredient
0.600 kg Heavy whipping cream (36% MF)
0.600 kg 60% dark chocolate
0.115 kg Butter, slightly soft
0.100 kg Egg yolks, whisked



Bring the heavy cream just to a boil and pour over the chocolate.

Let sit for about 30 seconds, then start stirring from the center out until a smooth ganache is formed.

Let this ganache cool for approximately 30 minutes.

Fold in the butter and the whisked egg yolks.

Pour the mixture into the pre-baked shells, and bake at 225F for 5-6 minutes.

Cool and reserve for use.


Assembling the Full Dessert

Unmold the frozen mousse domes onto a wire rack over a parchment lined, clean sheet pan.

At the same time, have the glaze warming on low until fluid.

Quickly pour the glaze over the mousse domes, being sure to get even coverage.

Note: At any time if the mousse seems soft or difficult to handle, place it in the freezer or blast chiller to firm back up.

Transfer the glazed mousse to cooled chocolate tarts.

Decorate further as desired, such as some chocolate piping to neaten up where the dome sits on the chocolate.

The formula as written will make 24 individual tarts, or 3, 6" domes.

Courtesy of Bakery Nouveau, Seattle