Puff pastry at 2.5mm (traditional or inverted)
Fruit (optional)
Jam (optional)
Apricot glaze


Jalousie Assembly

  1. Cut two 10” x 4 ½ ” wide strips of puff pastry. Place one piece in the freezer (this will be the top).
  2. In addition, cut 1 cm/ ½ inch wide strips to the edges of the dough rectangles. You will need two 10” strips and two 3 ½” strips. If pastry warms while handling, place in refrigerator to chill.
  3. Place one dough rectangle directly on a perforated sheet pan and lightly brush the edges with water.
  4. Place the ½” dough strips along each side of the rectangle, as if creating a frame.
  5. Pipe a small amount of jam over the base if desired, inside the border strips.
  6. Pipe frangipane over the base, being careful to not cover the border strips. Optionally, place a conservative amount of fruit over the frangipane.
  7. Brush the top of the border strips lightly with water.
  8. Using the “shutter” cutter, cut the reserved semi-frozen 10” x 4 ½” of puff pastry down the center without stretching it.
  9. Transfer the top dough onto the base and press gently on all edges to adhere.
  10. To crimp edges: press down firmly with the index and middle finger on one side of the rectangle. Using a non-sharp, straight edge object such as a bamboo skewer, stem of a thermometer, etc., draw the outside edge of the dough in-between the two fingers. Move fingers over one finger’s width (one finger will be placed in formed indent). Proceed in this manner around the edge of the rectangle to form a decorative scalloped pattern.
  11. Cover and reserve at least a ½ hour in the refrigerator, or ideally overnight. The pithivier can be refrigerated assembled for up to 3 days or frozen for up to 2 months at this point.

Pithivier Assembly

  1. Similar as for jalousie, but use 8” circles of puff for base and top. Use the same ½” strip to line the edge. For top piece, use a #805 tip to cut a round vent in the center.
  2. After egg washing but before baking, lightly score a radiating spiral from the center vent to the edge.


Egg wash and bake directly on a perforated pan at 177°C/350°F convection for about 45-55 minutes or until well colored on the sides and firm on the bottom.


Brush with apricot glaze and garnish with pearl sugar along the edges.


Formula courtesy of the San Francisco Baking Institute