Remove desired number of frozen croissant dough pieces from case and place on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. (Lightly dust the paper with flour or lubricate with pan spray to ease the transition to the frying screen later).


Place on rack with cover and thaw completely at room temperature, or retard in cooler overnight.

Set up:

Remove product from sheet pan and place 12 pieces evenly on each frying screen.


Slow proof donut croissants to double in size, approximately 30 to 40 minutes at 80 percent humidity and 95°F. Pull from proofer and allow to dry on floor for 10 minutes.


Preheat fryer to 365°F. When ready, gently set the screen into fryer to allow donuts to release without dropping. Fry each side to golden brown, approximately 15 to 20 seconds each, by flipping them over. Then submerge with a top screen to cover the “skunk line” for 30 seconds.

Glaze or Sugar:

Remove from fryer and let drain. Place on glazing screen and glaze while hot. Or to sugar, let cool slightly before gently rolling the sides in coarse sugar to lightly cover the product.

Pastry prep:

Once product is totally cooled, slice ring in half horizontally. Place the lids gently off to the side, while placing the bottoms into a large muffin liner.

Pastry filling:

Pipe a thin ring (1/2 oz) of raspberry filling into the bottom of each shell. Pipe a thick ring (2 oz) of Bavarian cream on top of the raspberry.


Gently place the lid on to the pastry. Make a raspberry flavored icing by combining White & Glossy with raspberry filling at a ratio of 6 to 1. Pipe thin stripes diagonally over the lid of each pastry.