Learn how to give your cupcakes a razzle dazzle-sparkle and make them pop in your case using this decorating technique.

Carefully stripe up the side of a piping bag, three to four colors works best, and fill the center with white. Pay close attention when putting the colors into
a pattern or they will gray tone. Once the bag is ready, you can pipe the icing onto the cupcakes with an even balance of the four colors.

Next, add a finishing touch of edible glitter on top of each cupcake. With this final feature, the cupcakes will sparkle under a bakery case light, attracting attention and hungry eyes.

The photo on the right features the Razzle Dazzle Cupcake, courtesy of Bethel Bakery in Pittsburgh, PA. Be sure to watch The Baking Channel web series,Discovering America's BakeriesandBaker's Workbenchfor more fun and innovative decorating ideas.