1. Ice and assemble the cake with buttercream.

2. Apply Jumbo Deluxe Pastel Quins to the bottom of the cake. 

3. Make a batch of white chocolate ganache by mixing 3 parts white chocolate to 1 part heavy whipping cream. Heat in the microwave in 30 second intervals until melted and smooth. 

4. Color the ganache with a small amount of Sunset Orange Premium Gel Color. 

5. Place a good amount of ganache on the top of the cake. With an offset spatula, spread the ganache to the outside edge and let it drip down the sides of the cake. 

6. Place white buttercream in a pastry bag. After the ganache has set, pipe 6 rosettes on top of the cake with a #822 star tip. 

7. Finish by placing the Candy Fruit Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations on the rosettes. 

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Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee, courtesy of Lucks