1. Bake your favorite choux pastry recipe in traditional éclair shapes and allow to cool thoroughly.

2. Color pouring fondant with Sunset Orange Premium Gel color to create orange fondant. Fill each puff with pastry cream and dip the tops in the orange pouring fondant, regular white pouring fondant or chocolate ganache. 

3. Attach the Dec-Ons® decorations on each éclair with a dab of icing.

4. Use a #8 round tip to pipe legs and tails on the body of the éclair with frosting that matches the body color of the cat. Use a #2 tip and ganache to pipe stripes on a couple of the cat bodies. 

5. Finish each éclair with assorted Dec-Ons® decorations for each cat to snack on. 

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee, courtesy of Lucks