1. In advance of assembling this cake, create the chocolate door and ferns by piping chocolate or candy melts onto parchment. TIP: Do not use a metal tip to pipe décor; the metal will chill the chocolate too quickly and may plug the tip. Allow these pieces to set up.

2. Fashion a cake roll using your favorite recipe, or buy two commercially-prepared cake rolls. If using premade, cut the second roll into four pieces and use for the top cake “branch”; save the remaining pieces for additional log cakes, or sell as single slices.  

3. Use icing to attach the top “branch” slice to the main roll. 

4. Use chocolate icing in a #22 star tip to accentuate the doorway and create a doormat, as shown.

6. Use chocolate icing to attach the dark chocolate door, slightly ajar. 

7. Use chocolate icing to attach chocolate fern fronds and all Dec-Ons® decorations. 

8. If desired, finish with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, to effect a snowy appearance.

Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks