1. At least one day ahead, create royal icing letters: mix small portions of blue, green, pink and yellow run-sugar icing using Sky Blue, a scant amount of Red Red, a scant 1:1 ratio of Leaf Green to Lemon Yellow and a 1:1 ratio of Lemon and Golden Yellows.

2. Print letters from your computer and copy, or freehand pipe letters as shown. TIP: Using acetate strips to pipe royal decorations will eliminate distortion through the drying process.

3. Mix portions of fondant using the same colors and color combinations as used in Step 1. Roll out each color and cut five frames total in each color, using the two-sided cutter set. Allow these pieces to dry.

4. When you are ready to finish the cakes, crumb coat each square.

5. Roll out and cut ivory fondant strips that can be draped over each cube, so that the tops and two sides are covered. Trim fondant so that all edges are clean and flush.

6. Roll out more fondant and cut square panels to cover the front and backs of each cube. Trim and seal open edges with royal icing tinted to match the fondant. You may also thin the fondant with water to complete this step.

7. While Designer Prints™ are still on the backing, cut into segments to fit lengthwise inside the fondant frames. TIP: This design will require one or two strips to be cut into sections, separating each line of letters, in order to completely fill the fondant frames (Designer Prints™ are one line short).

8. Lightly dampen areas of fondant that will be dressed with Designer Prints™decorations, using clear, potable alcohol or lemon juice.

9. Attach sections of prints as shown.

10. Finish by attaching frames, letters and Dec-Ons® decorations with icing.

Decorating tip courtesy of Luck's

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