Ice and assemble the cake with buttercream.

Airbrush the entire cake with Lucks Blue Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #43708).

Mix green icing using Lucks Green Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10162).

Using a #4 plain round tube (Item #11026) and chocolate or fudge icing, pipe a few slender tree trunks around the sides of the cake.

Using a #8 plain round tube (Item #11031) and green icing, pipe tree leaves in a swirled pattern; pipe the main tree partially on the top of the cake, as shown.

Arrange a handful of Red Heart Charms (Item #14364) Dec-Ons® decorations in each tree.

Place two Birds of Fancy Assortment (Item #45672) Dec-Ons® decorations near the top of the main tree.

Finish with a few Bright Hearts Assortment (Item #45839) Royal Icing decorations above the birds.

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Decorating tips courtesy of Lucks