1. Ice the cake in white icing.
2. Attach an Easter Cheer Edible Image® decoration to the top of the cake.
3. Airbrush the full sides of the cake using Lucks Egg Shade Premium Airbrush Color.
4. Mix a Leaf Green, Neon Bright Orange and Golden yellow icing using Premium Gel Colors.
5. With a #3 Piping Tip and green icing, pipe the bottom squiggly border and the stems for the flowers on top of the cake.
6. With a #8 Piping Tip and orange icing, create the body of the flowers.
7. With a #4 Piping Tip and yellow icing pipe the center of the flower.


1. Mix a batch of yellow icing using Golden Yellow Premium Gel Color .
2. With an open coupler, ice the cupcake in a swirl fashion.
3. Cover the edge of the cupcake with Orange Sprinkles.
4. Using an open coupler, place a small dollop of white icing on top of the yellow icing.
5. Place the Chick Royal Icing on each dollop.

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Decorating tip courtesy of Lucks