Brill ½ Sheet Pumpkin Spice Cake

Brill Brilliant Orange Icing

Brill White buttercreme

Brill Brilliant Yellow Icing

Brill Red Decorating Icing

Brill Chocolate Ready Ice

Brill Moss Green Decorating Icing  (Mix one part  Decorating  Green, one part Brilliant Green and ½ part Brilliant Orange icings)

Brill Chocolate Light N’ Fluffy



Cut two 5” circles  from  sheet cake.  Slightly bevel top edge.

Mix one part brilliant orange icing with two parts white buttercreme.  Ice cake with this.  Pull spatula through icing  from bottom edge to top center of cake to simulate a pumpkin.

Place a #104 tip in a bag.  Stripe bag with brilliant orange, decorating red, and ready ice. Fill bag with brilliant yellow. Pipe oak leaves on top of cake.

Pipe tip #10 chocolate buttercreme stem.

Pipe tip #3 moss green vines.

Add tip #352 moss green leaves.

Pipe tip #10 brilliant orange bottom bubble border.

Decorating tip courtesy of CSM Bakery Solutions