This vivid party cake will totally put the “WOW!” in bow wow!

1. Ice the cake and comb edges with a decorating comb.

2. Airbrush the entire cake using one part Lucks Green Airbrush Color to four parts Yellow Airbrush Color.

3. Mix blue icing using DecoPac Sky Blue Premium Gel. With a #789 cake icer, pipe a flat border around the top of the cake’s side, as well as around the top perimeter. Continue by piping the bottom border with a bead motion.

4. Mix lime icing using four parts DecoPac Lemon Yellow Premium Gel to one part DecoPac Leaf Green Premium Gel. Pipe a bead border along the upper edge of the blue bottom border with a #8 plain round tube.

5. Place eight evenly spaced Bone Dec-Ons® decorations around the top perimeter of the cake.

6. Finish with a selection of the Small Dog Collection Dec-Ons® decorations and a message as shown, or of your own choosing.

To order everything you need to decorate this cake, please click here.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz, Lucks