Create a scene with this lively mosaic cake set, literally!

1. Assemble and ice four 4” square single layer cakes.

2. Mix four batches of White Vanilla Fondant (Item #46755) using DecoPac Premium Gel in Red Red (Item #45283) (use only a scant amount to make rose pink), Neon Brite Green (Item #45293), Sky Blue (Item #45276) and Sunset Orange (Item #45302).

3. Cover each cake in tinted fondant, as shown.

4. Roll color-matched fondant cord by hand or create with an extruder to fashion free-form curlicue and coiled bottom borders for each cake.

5. Mix brown and green icings using DecoPac Premium Gel in Buckeye Brown (Item #45289) and Neon Brite Green.

6. Pipe a scene of interconnected branches among all four cakes, as shown, using #5 plain round tubes (Item #11027).

7. Finish with Birds of Fancy Dec-Ons® decorations (Item #45672) positioned throughout the branches.

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Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz, Lucks