1. A day ahead, shape the skateboard deck out of a yellow DecoSheets® panel, using an X-Acto type knife. TIP: arrange your cupcakes on a board (configuration outlined below) in order to estimate deck size. Cover and store your cupcakes for freshness after this step.

2. Cut two strips that will conform to the length of the skate deck, as shown, and airbrush them orange.

3. Attach one Edible Image® decoration to the top of the deck, and then cut and attach the orange strips to the deck. Use a light application of water or clear, potable alcohol for both application processes.

4. Allow to dry overnight, propping up each end of the deck with cling wrap or Styrofoam, to create the swooping angles at either end of the deck.

5. The next day, align 14 upright cupcakes on a cake board—two rows of two, two rows of three, followed by another two rows of two—attached to the board with dabs of icing.

6. Sheath in a smooth layer of icing.

7. Arrange four cupcakes, on their sides, as wheels for the skateboard. Push each cupcake into the existing icing and smooth over disrupted icing where necessary.

8. Create wheels using DecoSheets® and DecoShapes®, as shown. Attach to “wheel” cupcakes with icing.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks