1. Mix enough pink fondant to cover a 10” by 4” round cake, using a small amount of DecoPac Red Red Premium Gel.

2. Assemble the cake and cover in pink fondant. Border the bottom of the cake by rolling and attaching a simple fondant rope or band around the cake’s base.

3. Mix a small amount of light turquoise icing by mixing scant drops of Lucks Blue Airbrush Color and Green Airbrush Color in a white icing base, at a ratio of 2:1. 

4. Mix a small amount of light mauve icing by mixing a few drops of Lucks Red Airbrush Color with a drop of Lavender Airbrush Color.

5. Roll out some white fondant and apply one sheet each of the scale pattern and the floral pattern from the Serendipity Designer Prints™ decorations set with a light mist of water. Take care to avoid puddles. 

6. Cut a freehand apron skirt from the floral patterned fondant, and then gather loose pleats in the skirt and affix to the top of the cake using water or icing.

7. Cut a freehand apron top from the scale patterned fondant and attach above the gathered skirt, as shown.

8. Use a #5 plain round tube and light turquoise icing to pipe apron waist strings, and a #3 tip to pipe the neck strings.

9. Use a #4 plain round tube and light mauve icing to pipe an inscription.

10. Cut 16 to 18 1.5” discs from the floral pattern and 30 to 34 1” discs from the scale pattern. Attach to the cake in an alternating pattern as shown. TIP: Begin the pattern in the front for the sake of centering. You may need more or fewer fondant discs, depending on the actual diameter of your cake.

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Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz