The inaugural B.E.S.T. (Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together) in Baking initiative has identified 16 industry suppliers that are making a positive impact on the environment. The following companies have committed to sustainability through innovative products, services, technologies and/or programs:

B.E.S.T. in Baking
Air Management Technologies, Inc.
Danisco USA
American Pan-Bundy Baking Solutions
HFA, Inc/Handi-Foil of America
AmeriVap Systems
Lime Energy for Sara Lee
Bedford Industries, Inc.
Sara Lee and Horizon Milling
Colborne Foodbotics, LLC

Honorable Mention
Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
CSM Bakery Supplies, North America
CSM Worldwide, Inc.
Toolbox Software North America, Inc.

The program was launched as part of a commitment to positive transformation within the grain-based food industry. According to Mike Beaty, executive vice president of supply chain, Flowers Foods and IBIE vice chairman, “The IBIE Committee believes that our industry can play a significant role in achieving a sustainable future—by minimizing packaging, making food transportation more efficient, reducing the amount of water the industry uses in its processes, etc. Rising energy prices, water shortages and the increasingly self-evident consequences of climate change are timely reminders of the need for action. Sustainability requires behavioral changes, in particular the widespread adoption of best practices, which we aim to promote through the B.E.S.T. in Baking initiative.”

Suppliers that participated in the program did so by submitting entries demonstrating how their product or service fostered energy conservation, a reduction in water usage, a decrease in landfill waste, healthy living and/or a reduction of the overall impact on the environment. Entries were then evaluated by a panel of expert judges, including:

Jon R. Anderson, Head of OSHA Compliance & Educational Product Development, AIB International
Theresa Cogswell, President, BakerCogs, Inc.
Jeff Dearduff, Director of U.S. Bakeries, East Balt, Inc.
Mike deBoom, Director of Manufacturing, Unified Grocers, Inc., Bakery Division
Ed Delate, VP - Global Engineering and CSR, Keystone Foods
Bill Zimmerman, Bakery Operations Management Consultant, Zims Consulting, LLC

Rick Hoskins, director of sales and marketing at Colborne Foodbotics LLC, said, “The B.E.S.T. in Baking program is an ideal way to communicate the environmental—and financial—benefits that our systems provide to our customers and potential customers. Being recognized is an honor and further validates the importance our organization places on developing solutions that promote sustainability.”


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