On July 12, Aunt Millie’s will introduce a line of Hearth 100% Natural Breads. These breads were formerly called Early American Breads. They will convert to Hearth 100% Natural with no product code or UPC changes.

Product attributes include:

*100% Natural – These breads are all 100% Natural and contain no color additives, artificial substances, or synthetic compounds, only pure and fresh ingredients, just like those found in your kitchen cupboard.
*A Good Source of Fiber – Contain 3 Grams of fiber per serving.
*Health Benefits of Grains – Eating a diet low in fat and high in grain products, fruits, and vegetables that contain dietary fiber may reduce your risk of some cancers, whose development depends on many factors.
*12-20 Grams of Whole Grains per serving, depending on variety
*No High Fructose Corn Syrup
*Naturally Low in Fat & Cholesterol Free
*0g of Trans Fat
*Made with Sea Salt

Aunt Millie’s introduced the Early American Breads in the fall of 2009. These breads featured ingredients that were not genetically modified. Aunt Millie’s struggled to make a good loaf of bread with a non-GMO softening agent (enzyme), so the company has moved away from this to a regular enzyme. The rest of the ingredients remain non-GMO but can no longer call the bread non-GMO. The company also found that consumers were more interested in the 100% Natural attribute than in non-GMO.

To announce the change, Aunt Millie’s plans a newspaper insert with coupon on Sept. 12, a display program beginning Sept. 1, and an information campaign starting in July.