Jennifer Atwood and Tobias Wilhem of Cutting Edge Cake Art and Atwood's Bakery in Alexandria, LA, will be hosting a new hands-on training class for the Cricut Cake machine. Known for advanced, upscale designs using Cricut technology, Atwood and Wilhelm will share the latest techniques, including specific uses for gumpaste cutouts.

In this hands-on training class, you will learn the following:

- Making and Processing Gumpaste to cut with the Cricut
- Sheeting and Attaching Gumpaste to Cricut Sheet
- Uses of Cricut items in Custom Cake and Production settings
- Using Software with the Cricut
- Making your own designs
- Converting existing designs to cut (we use a random google scroll for demo)
- Intricate Designs with the Cricut
- Cut Designs with Cricut and apply to cake
- Embellishing Cricut Designs
- 3-Dimensional Cricut Designs
- Production uses on cookies, cupcakes, etc
- Storage and handling of designs
- Other media that can be cut

For specific information on the class, as well as other upcoming classes, visit