1. Tint White Vanilla Fondant blue using DecoPac Sky Blue Premium Gel.

2. Cover the cake with blue fondant.

3. Roll out or extrude a blue fondant rope of medium thickness; use this to trim the base.

4. Roll out or extrude several lengths of thin blue fondant rope, and attach four lengths above the bottom trim, and two to the side of the cake, as shown.

5. Roll out a single, tapered white length of rope to suggest the curvilinear hillside. Attach to cake with water or gum glue.

6. Attach three crosses from Small White Cross Dec-Ons® decorations atop the hill.

7. Write an inscription in white using a #3 round tip.

8. Finish with a few Mini White Blossoms gumpaste flowers attached at each corner of the cake.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks