1. Base ice 8” double round and 6” double round cakes white.

2. Insert four dowel rods into 8” cake.  Insert through both cake layers and cut flush to cake.

3. Stack cakes as shown.

4. Using a plastic decorating comb, comb sides of cake as shown.

5. Airbrush cake Royal Blue #5895 and Teal #5898, followed by Pearl Shimmer #12475.

6. Airbrush flowers on top of cake Royal Blue #5895 as shown.

7. Using tip #10, pipe Royal Blue #9525 borders on bottoms.

8. Using tip #104, pipe Teal Green #9523 borders on tops.

9. Using tip #5, pipe White bubbles.

10. Using tip #352, pipe Neon Green #9640 seaweed.

11. Using tip #5, pipe Neon Purple #9645 and Neon Orange #9643 flowers.

12. Place DecoSet® items onto cake as shown.  

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks